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WHY DO WE DO THIS? Because people love it. And we love to see their s@*t-eating grins.

Testimonials From Recreational Users & Pro Racers Alike

The Zollingers

We recently met up with some amazing racers including Travis Zollinger, Tony Zollinger, Nick Zollinger, Mike Zollinger, Amy Zollinger, Justin Sampson and Parker Sampson. They put the Ripcharger system to the test and were blown away. We asked Travis Zollinger to answer a few quick questions, and here's what he had to say:

Ripcharger: What was your first impression of the Ripcharger system?
Travis: Very impressed with the bottom end and midrange power. The power delivery is instant as soon as you crack the throttle. Top end power was impressive for the low boost numbers the system was running.

R: What key advantages do you feel the ripcharger offers over current forced-air induction systems?
TZ: Less stress on the motor. Lighter weight! Lighter weight ! Lighter weight! The power delivery is way better the other systems I have ridden.

R: Will you be riding a Ripcharger system next season?
TZ: I sure hope so!

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