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What is

Ripcharger, in a nutshell, is a forced-air induction system for 2-stroke snowmobiles with the purpose of increasing horsepower and torque.

Turbochargers vs. "Superchargers"

  Typically, the two most recognized methods are "Turbocharging" or "Supercharging". Both Systems operate with the same goal: Deliver compressed air into the fuel and combustion system to create added engine power (a very basic description.) Although these two systems are similar, they are quite different, with the main difference being the method in which you drive(power) the compressor.

  "Turbocharger" compressors are driven by harnessing the exhaust gas pressure and using it to spin a bladed fan(turbine) which compresses the air and sends it to the fuel and combustion system. although very common, this system has the inherent problem of "turbo-lag" which is caused by the compressor needing to be "spooled-up" or spun at a rate which will deliver a sufficient boost of air, which increases the power. Since exhaust pressure is what spins the compressor, the boost system is always a bit behind the throttle, especially at low RPMs. The other downfall this system has is that the compressor unit and the turbine are one unit, and it is a part of the exhaust system. High levels of heat require extra cooling capabilities, ie. intercoolers. These are bulky and can add weight and complexity.

  "Supercharger" compressors are driven by the crankshaft of the engine using a variety of methods, including belts and pulleys, chains or gears. The main benefit of a superchager is that there is no lag or delay of boost delivery, giving you instant power when you want it. Though this benefit is by far the biggest, there are many more - especially in the snowmobile application - such as a huge decrease in the need to cool the system which means less components, thus less weight, less complex installation, etc. etc.



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