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Ripcharger Game Plan 2010/2011

"The Soft Entry Approach"
(Works on other things, too.)

FALL 2010 (PRE-SNOW)   Validate and test current pre-production prototype kits: Arctic Cat M8. Ski-Doo Rev 800

EARLY WINTER (DEC.-JAN.)   Produce 20-30 test kits, and put them in the hands of our kick-ass test team. We have assembled a team that consists of a wide variety of riders, styles, skill levels and riding conditions (ie. low altitude to high.) These poor buggers will charged with riding the crap out of these kits and giving us feedback - good and bad - as well as ideas on optimization. We will also be sharing all results, testimonials, videos, etc. with you on our website. This way you get to see firsthand whether Ripcharger lives up to its claims.

  After conclusive positive results are achieved - meaning it's dialed - we will pull the trigger and produce 100 production units for mid-season 2012. If the demand is greater, and we can get more in there for spring riding (the best kind, really) we'll do it.
  During this season we will also be testing prototypes of the next 2 kits in the chamber. The Polaris RMK and the Ski-Doo Etec. We anticipate quick and exciting results, which will hopefully lead to production for 2012/2013.

HONESTY. INTEGRITY. STRAIGHTFORWARDNESS.   As we continue on this journey, it is our goal at Ripcharger to be the brand you can trust for anything and everything. We will not B.S. you or string you along. If we mess up, we will admit it. If we say we are going to do something, we will go to any end to make it happen, and if it can't, we will let you know. All we ask for is your patience, trust and positive thoughts as we continue to nail this thing, so we can put a Ripcharger under the hood and a big s@!&-eating grin on your face.

MEMBERSHIP HAS ITS BENEFITS!   We anticipate high demand when we have proven our technology and ourselves. It will be a "First-Come First-Serve" scenario as we ramp up our production. Being signed up on our mailing list puts you on a "First Dibs" list. If you're on this list, messages will be sent to you as the product becomes available. You will be offered the option of "Buy Now" or "Wait 'Til Next Time." Your name will be moved to the next run, and the offer will be made again and again until you are ready to Rip(ha-ha). Sign up now using the form to the right.
  No matter what you choose, the Ripcharger website will no doubt be a great source of entertainment as some of the best riders in the world share videos of their Ripcharger experience.


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